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About Thrive PhD

The brainchild of Dr. Katy Peplin, Thrive PhD is a supportive, informative community for graduate students. We believe that graduate school can be something that you not only survive, but a rich and exciting time of personal and professional growth. Here are some of the topics we cover!

  • Self assessment
  • Project management
  • Habits and routines
  • Research and writing skill building
  • Building a mentorship team
  • Crafting a teaching persona, both in class and in job documents
  • Working inside and outside of academia

Why You Should Join Us

  • Weekly coaching calls to monitor progress and troubleshoot problems
  • Personalized privacy levels - share as much or as little about yourself as you'd like
  • Accountability threads - celebrate your successes and get support through the challenges
  • Video resource library, along with live discussions with experts 
  • Chat features, between members and with coaches 

How does it work?

Thrive PhD is currently in beta, and will be launching publicly in March 2018. Make sure you're on our mailing list to get the latest news and updates. 

But in general, here's what you can expect:

  • 12 weeks of guided curriculum, with a cohort of like-minded graduate students and professional coaching for a flat, reasonable fee. 
  • Weekly live coaching calls, to help trouble-shoot and support as you build new habits and explore different aspects of your professional life. 
  • Accountability mechanisms like daily check ins with your cohort, and support to keep your goals on track. It's the supportive group of like minded graduate students you've always wanted, with the added bonus of being able to be as anonymous as you'd like. 
  • Guest speakers and resources, to broaden your perspectives and provide you with even more support. 
  • The option to continue in the community after your "course" has finished to stay connected to your cohort, keep access to our resource library, invites to new live events and more. This will be an even smaller monthly fee.  
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